Matthew Smith
Digital Cinema
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    I have always been drawn to film both as a form of entertainment, and as a form of learning. As a kid I would often join my dad in watching history documentaries. Even from such a young age I was interested in history, and some things just never change. As I got older I found myself wanting to share my own ideas, but always found them difficult to properly communicate. Through film I have learned to better express my thoughts in a captivating and understandable manner.

    I often find myself thinking about what life was like for people in the past. Things like what did people eat, what did they value, what did they think about on a day to day basis? A big thing that affects humans all throughout history, and still to this day, is war. One day I watched the Discovery UK documentary Rise of the Warrior Apes (2017) directed by James Reed about Chimpanzees and how they fight in tribal wars. This kind of warfare is extremely similar to how early proto-humans may have fought in our early stages of evolution, and even how human warfare may have begun. This got me thinking not only about how we lived in the past, but also how future generations will look back on humans today. We have so many misconceptions of ancient people’s lifestyle and warfare, and a lot of what we used to think we knew about the past has later changed when new evidence was discovered. I imagined what a hyper advanced society would think of our modern lifestyle or warfare, or what misconceptions they would have about us. It is these questions that I wished to explore in this work.

Rediscovering Humanity
Digital Video