Mallory Rusk
Computer Art
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    Nothing has been more terrifying than losing motivation to do the one thing I have always wanted to do, animation. With more and more things going virtual, I struggled to want to sit down and look at my computer. More often, I found myself focusing on other forms of art, specifically ceramics.

    Ceramics inspired me to get back into creating on the computer, because the computer can deform the form faster, and in a more exaggerated way. Being able to build the form on the computer helps me to visualize multiple forms before actually creating one and it allows me to test many materials. Changing Forms was created with the idea of exploration in mind. Exploring the possibilities of forms that can be made with ceramics, some of which would be harder to physically create. The materials were made by using images of my own ceramic glazes. Changing Forms shows the movement of clay without hands obstructing the view.

Changing Forms