Taylor Johnson
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    When creating artwork, it comes down to making my illustrations feel whimsical and bright and to create art that makes me feel good and hopefully others can feel the same. The art that I create strives to send a feeling of joy. By creating these works it allows the people who buy the product to improve and brighten their day or living space.

    In the series presented is a set theme of illustrations for products that consist of a Mug, Notebook, Coasters, Mask, and Cards. The process for doing the illustrations, is all done by hand using micron pen and markers and relief printing to create the collection. Inspiration for these pieces of work is based off from puns, and the imagination. The purpose of these pieces is to explore the playful side of art but also be used as a functional practice.

Bee's Knees
zoom_in Micron Pen and Marker on Notebook Cover
Strawberry Moth
zoom_in Micron Pen and Marker on Coaster
Koala Tea
zoom_in Micron and Marker on Ceramic
Relief Print Cards (Frog and Morning Glories)
zoom_in Speed-ball Relief Ink on Card Stock
Loaf Mask