McKenzie Leishman
Graphic Design
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    Inspired by my love for Marquette and its beautiful natural areas, my work represents a perspective about my time living here as a student. Reflecting upon the journey to and from my goal to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, an awareness of what was genuinely gained in that accomplishment came "into focus." Collaged and printed vinyl appliques of local landscape hang in layers on clear plexiglass depicting the effect of seeing different perspectives as the position of viewing them shifts. However, when viewed in the correct perspective, the concept of clarity is revealed when looking at the piece head-on. In doing so, all the appliques shift into their proper perspective, and the true image is revealed. In addition to creating the illusion of shifting perspective, the graphics' layered base also creates an increased sense of depth. This sense of depth is indicative of the immersive feeling of walking through the woods. The layered graphic landscape includes some of my most favored local places. This includes the bluffs at Hidden Beach, pine groves from Wetmore Landing, Lake Superior's shores at Presque Isle, and the falls at Dead River. The color palette applied to the illustrated landscape pairs saturated colors inspired by nature with contrasting bright cream to create a sense of balance between contrasting hues.

zoom_in Vinyl on PET Plastic