Dylan Droptiny
Computer Art
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    Situational Adaptability focuses on the importance of adaptability as an artist and in everyday life. With new and exciting art being introduced into the world every day, the ability to adapt, evolve, and improve is vital for the modern artist. When it comes to my work, I believe that it is imperative to be mindful of even the smallest details. Especially with animation, even a miniscule tweak in a design or motion can have an enormous impact on the finished product. Situational Adaptability follows a small, seemingly simple creature as it starts its day and begins its search for a meal. The creature leaves the safety of its shelter, and is faced with numerous challenges on its journey for a bite to eat. The central character is forced to meet each passing challenge head on in order to continue on its elaborate hunt for food. Representative of my personal journey as an artist, this piece is meant to convey the importance of facing challenges, overcoming difficulties, and navigating through hardships to obtain a desired goal.

Situational Adaptability
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects