Shaughn Reynolds
Computer Art
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    Giving a life, a story, to something nothing more than a thought is significant to me as an artist. I love being able to create worlds, timelines, places, and things outside of our reality, and explore them from many different perspectives- from a narrator's view, from a world's view, or a character's view. A great passion for science fiction and fantasy inspires me to imagine these separate realities, and I enjoy putting myself in the shoes of someone who might live there or what might be found there.

    Awoken is a call to that idea of another existence, inspired by the designs of sci-fi works and lively action sequences found within them. The character design is based upon the concept of uncanniness- semi-realistic but off-putting because it is not fully realistic. The android-esque look is representative of the world the character lives in, and the luminous lights and colors further compliment the environment. These design aspects tied together depict another story from a place that doesn’t truly exist, and entertains us by taking our attention away from what does exist, leaving us to wonder more about that other world, and what others there could be.

Maxon Cinema4D + Adobe AfterEffects