Alexandra Bayliss
Digital Cinema
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    Before this project, my video work focused on personal topics. My work is sent out into the world as pieces of my life, to help someone who may be experiencing the same thing to remind them that in the end, everything is going to be okay. Some of my videos also function as time capsules, saving a small space in time and celebrating it or creating a story from it. For this exhibition, I wanted to try something different and a bit out of my comfort zone. I had never focused on making films for advertisements but knew it may be an aspect of my future career.

    Advertisements is a pair of videos focused on methods of making advertisements and the idea of how social media affects them. I used stop-motion and slow-motion because I have not used them before and wanted to play with something new. I incorporated ideas that I have seen in ads on social media, including bright colors and a catchy song. As I made each advertisement, I thought about the audience and how to make an ad that could catch the eye of teens and young adults. I incorporated some of my own style as well, with the colors and the clips in sync with the music. A dvertisements is just an example of the many ways that ads are made, and I plan on adding to the series as I experiment more with methods of advertising.

Advertisements #1
Advertisements #2