Rowan Gundry
Digital Cinema
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    I draw inspiration for my films from my life experiences; I grew up in a conservative and religious mindset and soon found myself struggling with those ideas. While growing up, I had to challenge my values and educate myself to find true happiness. My films revolve around the LGBT community, fantasy, and horror genres. I often incorporate special effects makeup along with photography into my films to create my stories. Advocating for my beliefs and creating entertaining stories are goals I keep in mind while producing my work. Overall, I believe that more love and understanding in this world would be a beautiful thing to combat the struggles that can happen in life.

    The Accident is about a person who has lost all concept of time and has virtually no memory. Nothing seems to fit in their mind quite right; what happened, who are they, and how long has it been? Only a single distant voice and flashbacks of their life continues to haunt their mind, leaving them feeling disoriented with an overwhelming need to find the truth. This film is a work of abstract fiction; While editing, I decided to use only natural and white noise in the video, including the distant voices and static from their mind. The inspiration for this film came from a post-production audio distortion I heard online; and a mix of how I have been feeling in quarantine with the time seeming to blend all together with no clear start or end to the days. The work has no definite ending and is left up to audience interpretation.

The Accident