Micah Munts
Digital Cinema
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    This story I created was something bred partially out of my own fear of the future, and partly a comment on how we punish prisoners, instead of rehabilitating them. I’m a senior in college, and about to embark into the real world, so I’m very nervous about having to live in the real world. Part of me wishes I could stay where I'm at forever, and not have to worry about what I have to be. On the other side however, many prisoners wish they could leave, and continue on with their lives. Instead of being rehabilitated, they are punished. My work overall always faces challenges such as the ones I had laid out, real life problems and criticisms trimmed down to a situation that people can easily understand and get behind. The Man in the White Room is a 9-page screenplay about a man who is seemingly locked in a stark white room with no interaction. The room is empty with no windows. In the screenplay, the man suffers through emotional issues similar to the way that a prisoner in solitary confinement would. For example, to show that this man is not able to cope with his surroundings, he lies to himself about how he loves the “white box” in which he finds himself. This screenplay explores our need as humans to socialize, as well as fear of the future. This something the majority of the world can relate to, as we are still going through a pandemic. The story is a subtle commentary on how the prison system punishes inmates by taking away a basic right to human interaction, and the effects this has on humans. The screenplay is inspired by an isolation experiment conducted by Michael Stevens for his YouTube channel VSauce. In his video, Mind Field: Isolation he put himself in a white locked room. For three full days, he is locked in this room with only food, a bed, and a toilet. During this period, he went through many emotional phases. Upon his release, he understood that we humans are social creatures and need to be socially active to maintain our health and survive.

The Man in the White Room
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