Liam Kaiser
Digital Cinema
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    I think as humans we have an innate desire for exploration. I seek the moments in life that make you stop and admire the world. My work revolves around those moments. I tell stories by focusing my craft on creating the best looking image possible. Whether it be still images or flickering frames, the work that I produce often holds a strong emotional appeal by documenting subject matters that are inherently intimate. One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the quote reads “beautiful things don’t ask for attention”. My work seeks those beautiful things. I capture experiences we can share and reminisce about when we’re old and frail. The act of storytelling is one that has been conducted for thousands of years. Passing information to each other to convey our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. This practice will continue as long as we continue to exist and it’s one that I am proud to be a part of.

    The Super-8 Experience is an experimentation to recreate digital video footage into what looks like old film from a Super-8 camera. Filming this project took place over a fourteen day period, capturing fifteen seconds of footage each day. Traditionally, a super-8 camera comes in a 50ft roll of film, which equates to three and a half minutes of footage per roll. Three and a half minutes divided into fourteen days equals exactly fifteen seconds. After arranging the final sequence it became clear that this project is about much more than experimenting with my editing skills, it acts a bittersweet memento of my final semester of college and the memories I’ve made along the way.

The Super-8 Experience
Digital Video