Nara McRobert
Digital Cinema
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    Time seems to move irreversibly quickly. Taking in life can be difficult while life moves so fast around us. Through my work, I show how an individual may experience the flow of time as it crashes around them. By utilizing in-camera transitions in my video, the shots flow together to make a seamless result. Although time moves quickly, we search for meaning until we ultimately realize there is no meaning; we must create our purpose.

    I expect my audience to be younger people, mainly Gen Z and younger millennials. My vision is for my viewers to find the video relatable. I see a lot of other people my age struggling with the same sort of existential issues. My hope is this video will bring the viewers comfort.

    Like my other video work, this piece is conceptual with no dialogue. What I mean by conceptual is using ideas without explicitly saying what is about; i.e. giving more emphasis on the concept rather than the product. I emphasize costuming, lighting, framing, and music to tell the story. Some inspirations for my work include Sedmikrásky, Midsommar, and Euphoria. In conclusion, this work explores the concept of time and how individuals decide to make meaning in their lives. The use of transitions guides the viewer along through the story.

Nostalgie De La Boue