Cameron Mattson
Digital Cinema
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    It wasn’t until my very first movie project in high school that I knew Digital Cinema would be a path for me to pursue. Collaborating with others to visualize my ideas and creating a work to be proud of inspires me to continue forward. An essential aspect of my work is pairing an extensive pre-production cycle with a consistent mindset: keep things simple and keep things fun. I specialize in documentary and interpersonal storytelling, which is at the core of any work with my name on it. To clarify, I am more concerned with telling a story from the perspective of the individual for whom I am creating a work than crafting a version that focuses on other non-important/untrue paradigms. This does not mean I am incapable of creating works of fiction as there are examples of such in my portfolio. Still, there is something about relaying true stories that captures my imagination.

    Diving Up is a great example to showcase for discussion. Never before have I attempted to create a work about the subject of maritime and aquatic adventure, let alone film underwater. With those reservations aside, this was the perfect opportunity to introduce another passion of mine into my craft: scuba diving. The amount of coordination and planning required to capture the footage, as well as relay the history, should be evident in what you will see.

Diving UP
Digital Video