Emery Downs
Computer Art
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    I was told from an early age that you should never expect life going the way you wanted it to and of course, as a child I waved it off like I did to many other lessons. And like most I never truly experienced how hard life would come at me until I found something that made me so passionate, so inspired that this is the life I’ve been looking for, that thing is animation.

    I’ve decided to tap into my most prized personas and reflect it into one of my animations. We’re going a little dark with this one because some of my favorite shows that have inspired me to progress in animation were shows like, South Park, Rick and Morty, and Futurama, showing that dark humor has a much greater purpose for its existence besides testing the boundaries of the first amendment. It’s one of the main pillars to comedy and a crucial part of the grieving process when individuals are met with the most twisted, up-side-down situations. I myself have used this content as a way to cope with a lot of my hardships in the past, that’s what drove me to make the Infomercial. Just like most of you I watched TV enough to see the Snuggie people or the Sham-wow guy go off on a towel and made me realize that these things are ridiculous alone, so why not express that idea even further to expose the true benchwarmers of TV and bring to light just how a small little laugh can go a long way.

2D After Effects Animation