Abbigail Atkins
Computer Art
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    My work is all about improving, growing, and learning. One of my favorite aspects about being an animator is that I always have the oppor- tunity to challenge myself with every new animation. An amalgamation of knowledge focuses on creating and experimenting with a variety of applications I was not able to work with during my regular classes. These experiments range from textures of objects, to colors, to focusing on trying to capture short scenes.

    Creating An amalgamation of knowledge was a fun journey of exploring how ideas connect and stand out from each other, by turning them into rooms within this world. The rooms in the animation take the viewer through a comic book textured room, the ocean, nature, a room filled with balls, a room where objects suddenly encompass and pass through the viewer, and a neon city. Through each room I wanted to examine and explore a different aspect of animation. For the first room, I worked with effects in postproduction and I had discovered how to make objects have a comic book texture a couple semesters ago. In the second room, I played with light and background to make someone feel like they were actually looking at an underwater scene with realistic movement in the seaweed and the jellyfish tentacles. In the third room, I made a nature scene with a growing tree and other nature elements to give the viewer the feeling of being surrounded by trees. The fourth room is composed of simulations and showing how the balls interact with each other in a small room. The fifth room was inspired by a trick I saw in this exhibit: the viewer’s attention was focused on a screen and through flashing lights and fog started to make the image look like it was coming off the screen and moving through and around the viewer. Finally, in the last room I made a neon cityscape and explored what elements are incorporated in the idea of an eternally lit city.

An Amalgamation of Knowledge
Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D