Review degree checklist and learn about the advising and mentoring processes available in the school to assist students.

Art & Design Building

From building hours to where to park, everything you need to know.

Student Groups

Did you know the School of Art & Design has many student organizations that you can join and participate in a variety of activities from conferences to art shows.

Art Review

The Art Review AD303 course represents an important benchmark for a student progressing through the Art & Design Majors. This link has information and the necessary forms for enrollment.


Did you know the School of Art & Design has scholarships for returning students? The NMU Foundation also has many more specific scholarship opportunities for Art & Design Majors.


Contact information for all the School of Art & Design Faculty and Staff in one place.



The School of Art & Design schedules appointments through our main office, please call 227-2194 to make an appointment with our faculty. You can also simply drop by the faculty offices during open office hours posted on the faculty's door. If your not sure who to see to get a question answered, then stop by the main office and see the Office Staff or the Director of the School.


Student Focused

Art & Design Faculty Mentors are knowledgeable in the art mediums you are pursuing and they can help you succeed in our programs. Their mentor-ship will be required for individual art review, but why wait to get feedback. Go and see your concentration faculty mentors early and often!


Time Management

Art & Design Courses will require a large amount of time committed to completing projects outside of class. Working on a daily basis will not only help with your time management, but will make you more proficient as an artist or designer.