Fall 2022


Screencasts should be completed by the date listed.

If a video does not open directly, rt-click and open the video in a new window or new tab.


(You can watch the screencasts directly through Vimeo and get a larger playback viewer, but it will not allow speed control.)

Sep 1: C4D: Sub-d modeling - geometric modeling 1
Sep 1: C4D: Sub-d modeling - geometric modeling 2
Sep 6: C4D: Sub-d modeling - organic modeling (optional)
Sep 8: C4D: Xpresso and User Data (review)
Sep 8: C4D: IK Chains
Sep 15: C4D: Lights (review)
Sep 15: C4D: Background, Sky (review)
Sep 15: C4D: HDR (review)
Sep 22: C4D: Materials (review)
Sep 22: C4D: Materials: Reflectance (review)
Sep 22: C4D: Material Mapping (review)
Sep 22: C4D: Redshift Rendering
Sep 22: C4D: Redshift Lights/Camera
Sep 22: C4D: Redshift Materials
Sep 29: C4D: UV Layouts in C4D
Sep 29: C4D: UV Layouts in C4D - Round stuff (optional)
Oct 11: ZB: ZB Interface
Oct 11: ZB: ZB Basic Sculpting
Oct 13: ZB: Sculptris Pro and Dynamesh
Oct 13: ZB: ZRemesher
Oct 13: ZB: ZB Subtools
Oct 13: The Only 6 Brushes you need in ZBrush, by Flipped Normals (optional)
Oct 18: ZB: Mask + Move
Oct 20: ZB: ZSpheres
Oct 20: ZB: Polypaint (watch the first 5 minutes; the rest is optional)
Oct 25: ZB: Posing with ZSpheres (optional)
Oct 25: ZB: UV Layout
Oct 25: ZB: ZBrush to C4D Pipeline
Nov 3: Unity: Unity Intro - Interface
Nov 3: Unity: Unity Importing from C4D
Nov 8: Unity: Unity Materials (optional)
Nov 8: Unity: ProBuilder (external link; ignore the ProGrid stuff... ProGrid no longer works)
Unity: Polygon Selections from C4D
Nov 10: Unity: Postprocessing
Unity: Reflections in Unity
Nov 29: Unity: Animation (optional... animation 0-4:50; triggering animation 4:50+)

Cinema 4D

C4D: Interface
C4D: Primitives/Transform
C4D: Splines
C4D: Lathe
C4D: Extrude
C4D: Sweep
C4D: Loft
C4D: Deformers
C4D: Hierarchy, Axis
C4D: Booleans
C4D: Cloner
C4D: Sculpting
C4D: Sculpting with Volume Mesher
C4D: Volume Builder
C4D: Sub-d modeling - geometric modeling 1
C4D: Sub-d modeling - geometric modeling 2
C4D: Sub-d modeling - organic modeling
C4D: Lights
C4D: Background, Sky
C4D: Materials
C4D: Materials: Reflectance
C4D: Material Mapping
C4D: Materials: Layers, Diffusion, Displacement
C4D: Multipass Rendering
C4D: UV Layouts and BodyPaint
C4D: Polygon Pen (external video)
C4D: Camera matching and Compositing
C4D: Multipass Rendering with Photoshop
C4D: Hierarchy, Axis
C4D: Keyframes
C4D: F-Curves
C4D: Animating Parameters
C4D: Simulations
C4D: Particles
C4D: Rendering Animation
C4D: Team Render Setup
C4D: After Effects - Basic sequencing with audio
C4D: C4D Post Production in AE
C4D: DOF postproduction in AE and FastBokeh
C4D: Pyrocluster
C4D: Joints
C4D: IK Chains
C4D: Character Object (auto-rigging)
C4D: Morph
C4D: Metaball
C4D: Xpresso, 20min.
C4D: Xpresso and User Data
C4D: Cloners + Xpresso
C4D: C4D Cloners and Effectors
C4D: Random Effector
C4D: Motion Tracking
C4D: C4D + AE Compositing with Passes
C4Da: C4D-AE Depth and Object Buffers -- complex version, including camera wiggle
C4Db: C4D-AE Final Render for C4Da
C4D: C4D Projection Man
C4D: C4D Bendy Rigging
C4D: Arnold Rendering
C4D: Arnold Light, Camera, Sky
C4D: Arnold Materials (30min)
C4D: AE/C4D: DOF postproduction in AE with Arnold Z pass (outdated: DOF with FastBokeh replaces this)
C4D: C4D and Mocap - Experimental Use
C4D: C4D + Mixamo - export/import and rigging
C4D: C4D + Mixamo - using mocap and motion clips
C4D: C4D + Mixamo + Character Object
C4D: Xpresso Rope-Pulley Rig walkthrough (28min, lots of stuff)
C4D:Display Tag to show-hide objects
C4D:Target Tag for rigging machines


ZB: ZB Interface
ZB: ZB Basic Sculpting
ZB: ZB Subtools
ZB: Sculptris Pro and Dynamesh
ZB: ZRemesher
ZB: Mask + Move
ZB: ZSpheres
ZB: Polypaint
ZB: UV Layout
ZB: ZBrush to C4D Pipeline
ZB: ZB to Keyshot to Photoshop Pipeline
ZB: ZBrush Retopologization of Photogrammetry 
A good supplemental starting video is ZBrush for Concept Artists.
A more in-depth series of videos for sculpting is ZBrush Basics.

After Effects

AE: AE Interface
AE: AE Shapes, Paths, Anchors
AE: AE Keyframes
AE: AE Importing Assets
AE: AE Rendering movies with Render Queue (MP4)
AE:  AE Rendering Movies with Medai Encoder (mp4/h264 format)
AE:  AE Rendering Movies with Render Queue (ProRes/Animation QT format) 
AE: AE Effects, Adjustment Layers
AE: AE Motion Blur
AE: AE Easing 
AE: AE Easing + Motion Graph
AE: AE Expressions with audio keyframes
AE: AE Repeater
AE: AE Nesting
AE: AE Image Sequences
AE: AE Pinning and Character Rigging (22min)
AE: AE Constraints
AE: AE Inverse Kinematics (IK)
AE: The Walk Cycle (17min)
AE: AE Pinning (36min - the technical part is in the first 12min)
AE: AE Looping
AE: AE Sound
AE: 3D Layers
AE: Text Reveal Animation


Unity: Unity Intro - Interface
Unity: Unity Importing from C4D
Unity: Unity Materials
Unity: Set Dressing and Backgrounds
Unity: Animation (animation 0-4:50; triggering animation 4:50+)
Unity: Postprocessing
Unity: Polygon Selections from C4D
Unity: Reflections in Unity


PSD: Introduction to interface
PSD: Selections
PSD: Layers and Transform
PSD: Painting/Drawing
PSD: Layer Masks
PSD: Adjustment Layers
PSD: Select and Mask
PSD: Paths
PSD: Custom Brushes
PSD: Clone
PSD: Heal
PSD: Postproduction of 3D Images