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Overview of The School

The School of Art and Design is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. An important school objective is to prepare students to participate in the professional fields of art, design, and education, broadening the scope of their experience by providing intellectual support for art beyond the limits of studio skills. The school, through the DeVos Art Museum, also provides students with exposure to exhibitions exemplifying the cultural breadth of the visual arts from national, regional and local sources, including the University's permanent art collection.

The School of Art and Design prepares students for the many occupations that include artists, designers and educators. Graduates of the program are employed throughout the country in careers ranging from art directors, art teachers, to entrepreneurs of large and small enterprises.

Faculty reviews of student portfolios at the third year that evaluates student progress toward completing studio requirements including resume development and presentation, a process greatly assists students in future employment interviews.

The Art and Design building has over 110,000 square feet of studios, a lecture hall, critique and screening rooms. Studios include professional facilities in ceramics, the seventy station Computer Art Studio, Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Drawing, and Green Screen Lighting Studio, Woodworking, Sculpture, and Metalsmithing.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (or BFA) is the "de-facto" professional undergraduate degree in the visual arts. Our BFA program combines the advantages of a professional art school experience with the University's concern for intellectual support of professional action. It prepares students to participate more broadly in the arts beyond the limits of studio skills. In addition to the baccalaureate degree, the school offers the required courses for art teacher certification, a two year associate degree, teaching and non-teaching minor programs.

Lake Superior
Presque Isle Park

Location of School

Northern Michigan University and the city of Marquette are located on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The northern climate and landscape are distinct and provide numerous outdoor activities. Marquette is approximately 350 miles north of Chicago with a population of approximately 25,000. Marquette has a vibrant downtown, a strong local arts community and to most students provides the atmosphere of a small town.

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Undergraduate Admissions

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Northern Michigan University

NMU Web Site
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We Prepare Students for Jobs in Art including Artists, Designers, Educators

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Art & Design Student Current Model MacBooks

Apple Macbook

13-inch: 2.5GHz

2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
4GB 1600MHz memory
500GB 5400-rpm hard drive
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Built-in battery (7 hours)
Photoshop, Lightroom

After Effects, Premiere

Graphic Design
In-Design, Illustrator

Web Design
Dreamweaver, Edge, Flash

Microsoft Office

Art & Design Students Use MacBooks

Art & Design Students across a broad spectrum of majors utilize the MacBooks as part of their portfolio development: Computer Art students work on digital composites with Adobe Photoshop and 3D imagery, Digital Cinema students animate in Adobe After Effects, Graphic Communication students design websites in Adobe Dreamweaver and digital publishing layouts in Adobe In-Design, Human Centered Design students design prototypes in Sketchbook Pro, Illustration students draw utilizing tablets in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Photography students use Adobe Lightroom for color photography and Adobe Photoshop for the construction of digital illustration images.

The MacBook in combination with the high end equipment available in the Art & Design Computer Studio allows majors the to have the flexibility of a notebook and the power to connect to powerful multi processor workstations for more advanced task such as complex 3D rendering, high resolution video editing. Professional inkjet printers, scanners, drawing tablets, digital cameras are also available. The School of Art and Design runs a fast file server to facilitate transfer between MacBooks and the computer studio.

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Art & Design Students get a Macbook Pro with the Adobe Creative Collection

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The School of Art & Design at Northern Michigan University offers a Bachelors of Fine Art Degree, a Bachelors of Science or Bachelors of Art Degree (includeds a minor outside the School of Art & Design) and a Associate Degree in Art & Design (2 Year Degree). The BFA is the standard degree in the school and a sample listing of coursework is included in this section. Freshman are enrolled in the First Year Experience to simplify registration, see details in this section. Links to the undergraduate bulletin and to the course plans for all fifteen majors in the School of Art & Design are linked below.

Student Working


Incoming freshman register in the first year experience program, starting their coursework in the Art & Design Major with courses from the foundations, art history, and art review categories. The student would also be enrolled in their first liberal studies course, typically an English composition class.

As an option, students seeking an increased course load can enroll in the introductory level studio course from their studio major or an additional liberal studies course.


AD100 - 2 credit hours
Art & Design Experience

AD110 - 4 credit hours
Ideas in Art and Design History

AD160 - 4 credit hours
Physical Structures and Concepts

EN111 - 4 credit hours
College Composition 1

Optional 4 credit hours
100 Level Studio Art Class
or Liberal Studies Course

Course Plans for
Art & Design Majors

To view course plans for specific
Art & Design majors,click the link below.

Art & Design Course Plans

Undergraduate Bulletin

To learn more about the
Liberal Studies program
or to see full university
course listings click
the link below.

NMU Undergraduate Bulletin


6 Credit Hours

AD 100 - 2 credit hours
Art & Design Experience

AD 303 - 2 credit hours
Individual Art Review

AD 403 - 2 credit hours
Senior Exhibit

16 Credit Hours

AD160 - 4 credit hours
Physical Structures and Concepts

AD175 - 4 credit hours
Visual Structures and Concepts

AD270 - 4 credit hours
Social Structures and Concepts

AD485 - 4 credit hours
Theories and Practices of Art and Design

12 Credit Hours

AD100 - 4 credit hours
Ideas in Art & Design History

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art History Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art History Course

20 Credit Hours

AD1____ - 4 credit hours
Introduction Level Studio

AD2____ - 4 credit hours
Intermediate Level Studio

AD3____ - 4 credit hours
Advanced Level Studio

AD4____ - 4 credit hours
Studio Seminar

AD4____- 4 credit hours
Studio BFA Seminar

32 Credit Hours

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Required Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Required Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Required Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Required Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Elective Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Elective Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Elective Course

AD____ - 4 credit hours
Art Studio Elective Course

& Health Promotion
30-42 Credit Hours

Refer to Undergraduate Bulletin
for Information:
Liberal Studies
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Art & Design Students Create Artwork in Major the First Year

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For general information please contact the Art & Design office via email or phone. To schedule a campus visit please contact the campus visit office. For specific information on a studio major, please contact a professor associated with that area using the email list. Information on scholarships is available in the scholarship section below. Questions about the Devos Art Museum please contact the Museum Director.

NMU School of Art

NMU School of Art
School of Art & Design
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855-5339

906-227-2194 [voice]
906-227- 2276 [fax]

Daric Christian
Associate Dean &
Andrea Wrubel
Principal Secretary
Michele Wilber


Click the link above to help our students with special projects and travel opportunities, be sure to designate the School of Art & Design when completing the form.

Campus Visit Program

To schedule a visit please click
the link below, or call

Campus Visit Program

School of Art & Design
High School Scholarships

Four Scholarships $1000 Each

Not a High School Senior follow the link below for Scholarships for Returning NMU Students:

Application Requirements

Materials will not be returned
  • High school senior graduating in June
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5
    or ACT composite score of 19
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • High School Transcript
  • Portfolio of 6-10 images/videos available on a website or sent on a CD or USB Thumb Drive, see digital portfolio guidelines below
  • Include the application form linked below:Scholarship Application

Due Date

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
Late materials will be excluded

Mailing Address

School of Art and Design
[Art & Design Scholarship]
Attention: Christine Lenzen
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, MI 49855

Scholarship Coordinator
Christine Lenzen

Digital Portfolio Guidelines:

Digital portfolios must conform to the following specifications for all artwork both flat and dimensional:
  • File Format Images: JPEG file format only Resolution: 300 dpi File Size: approximately 700 x 700 pixels / approximately 1.0 MB (1000 KB) File

  • File Format Video or Animation: HD Format, web compressed files, H.264 compression preferred.

  • File Name: identify each image with name and number (e.g., Jones-001.jpg; Jones-002.jpg)

  • Include in a document a list with the title/description, medium, and size of each artwork in the portfolio; identify each artwork on the list with the same number as the JPEG filename.

  • Include all portfolio JPEGs in their own file folder on a single CD or USB Thumb Drive (you will not get these returned).

  • Include any other documentation in a separate file folder on the CD or Drive.

Please do not use PowerPoint or other presentation programs or formats; the portfolio should be comprised of clearly identified and properly formatted JPEG files.

Tips for shooting digital images: Use a digital camera remembering that the higher the megapixel count the better the image. Make sure that the artwork is squared in viewfinder, well-lit, and in focus. It is important to record color and exposure accurately, so be sure to set the proper camera exposure and "White Balance" for the lighting conditions (consult your camera manual). It is also important to eliminate distracting backgrounds by filling the viewfinder as much as possible with the artwork (but not cropping the artwork) and by using a neutral ironed cloth or wall; if these cannot be controlled, then you are encouraged to carefully crop out the distracting backgrounds in a photo-editing program.

Accurate and simple representations of your artworks are paramount.

Devos Art Museum

Devos Art Museum
Devos Art Museum
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855

Melissa Matuscak - Director and
p: 906-227-1481
f: 906-227-2276

Museum Web Site:



Michael Letts


Steven M Leuthold
Mitsutoshi Oba
Tracy Wascom


Brian Kakas


Stephan Larson


Taimur Amin


Daric Christian
Gabrielle McNally


Ted Ross


Jane Milkie
Keith Ellis


Peter Pless


Steven Hughes


Dale Wedig


Dennis Staffne
Christine Lenzen


Taimur Amin


Dale Wedig


Ted Ross


Emily Lanctot
Christopher Moore
Ed Risak
Julie Clark Risak
Tracy Wascom
Tom Wolfe


Tom McManus


Nathan Grambau


Michael Cinelli
Associate Dean & Director
Professor Digital Cinema
Retired 2014

John Hubbard
Professor Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
Retired 2014

Bill Lette
Professor Furniture Design/Woodworking
Retired 2011

Tom Cappuccio
Professor Illustration
Retired 2007

Dr. Diane Kordich
Professor Art Education
Retired 2007

James Quirk
Professor Environmental Design
Retired 2000
Deceased 2015

Marvin Zehnder
Professor Ceramics
Retired 1997

Mike Gorski
Professor Graphic Design
Retired 1993

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