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Art Studio Hours
  • Currently Closed Due to Covid19 Until Further Notice
  • Monday-Thursday
    9am - 12am
  • Friday
    11am - 6pm
  • Saturday
    12pm - 9pm
  • Sunday
    12pm - 12am
  • Students are not permitted in the building studios outside of the above times.

    Certain studios might be non-accessible during class times which are posted outside the studio doors.

Main Office and
Bookkeeper Hours
  • Currently Closed Due to Covid19 Until Further Notice
  • Monday-Friday
    8am - 5pm
  • p 906-227-2194
  • The Bookkeeper will generally be available during these times.

    However there may be circumstances that cause a gap in times. Plan ahead and don't count on purchasing last minute.

Devos Art Museum Hours
  • Currently Closed Due to Covid19 Until Further Notice
  • Tuesday, Wednesday
    10am - 5pm
  • Thursday
    12pm - 8pm
  • Saturday, Sunday
    12pm - 6pm
  • Please visit the DeVos Art Museum Website for more information about the museum including current exhibits and events.

    DeVos Art Museum Website



The best student parking is actually in the back of the building and requires a short walk to to the back entrance which provides access to the rest of the building. There is parking at the end of the lot in the front of the building past Spooner and Lee Hall.

DO NOT PARK in the DeVos Art Museum spaces directly n front of the building or you will receive a ticket.

DO NOT PARK in the Faculty Spaces that begin right after the building adjacent to Spooner Hall.


Currently Office Hours Are Online
Due to Covid19 Until Further Notice

The School of Art & Design schedules appointments through our main office, please call 227-2194 to make an appointment with our faculty. You can also simply drop by the faculty offices during open office hours posted on the faculty's door. If your not sure who to see to get a question answered, then stop by the main office and see the Office Staff or the Director of the School.


Exhibits Provide Inspiration

The DeVos Art Museum is a wonderful resource attached to the building. Be certain to spend time in the museum and explore each of the exhibits during the semester, you never know what might inspire you.