Noah Roberts
Graphic Design
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    Wish You Were Here

    Integrating my passion for photography and traveling, I’ve created travel posters for some of my favorite places on Earth – inspired by my own photography. Each of the posters is abstracted from my original image and includes additional small details that reference related experiences from that location – the people I was with, the most memorable activities, or other small mementos. Overall, these posters serve as giant snapshots of memory from different points in my life and while they may be visually appealing on their own, they’re extremely meaningful to me because of what each of them represents. Integrating my photography into my graphic design work has always been a focus of mine and this is the perfect way to look back at all of the good memories.

Algarve, Portugal zoom_in
Kauai, Hawaii zoom_in
Hilton Head, South Carolina zoom_in
Orange County, California zoom_in