Maddie Pederson
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    Strange Things Will Happen, if you Let Them

    When your mother is born, she will have developed all of the reproductive eggs that she will ever carry in her lifetime. So that means that your grandmother also carried a part of you. A part that existed long before you ever actually existed. This body of work is titled, Strange Things Will Happen, if you Let Them. Each of the four pieces works together to explore the concept of ancestral memory. My mother and her parents are some of my most excellent teachers, and our bond transcends space and time. It makes me wonder if our time as a unicellular organism affects us more than we may assume.

    Each photograph is stitched together, fabricating the familial connection into physical form. The embroidery is inspired by visible mending techniques. This represents how although the mind is unable to perfectly compose memories there is beauty in the shortcomings. The circle is a symbol of both infinity and unity, where nothing begins, and nothing ends. The circular cropping of the images emphasizes the infinite unity of our ancestry. The smallest images are scanned family photographs from the ‘70s, the middle images are film photographs that I have taken over the past four years, and the largest images are chemigrams. The chemigrams are abstract photographic prints, created by using resists, developing chemicals and light-sensitive paper. They serve as depictions of the time when we exist solely as a single cell, suspended in time, genetically learning from both the lives of our mothers and our grandmothers.

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