Kevin Paczesny
Digital Cinema
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    “Quiet on set, sound speeding, camera rolling and…action!”

    I want to hear the above words on a daily basis after graduation. Film has been a huge part of my life since a young age. After being taught many different forms of this medium, I have been trying to hone my narrative skills in the past four years. The process of creating a film can take a long time. I enjoy every second of it: from writing the script, logistics of production, casting the talent, to the actual filming and editing. At Northern Michigan University I have learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of filmmaking.

    My film People Say Things Change is a short film about the main character Harper trying to deal with her boyfriend’s death. She feels guilty and thinks she is the reason James is gone. This film navigates both relationships and mental health issues. The dim, blue lighting represents Harper’s mental state. Certain events (like a partner’s suicide) can make individuals feel as if they were the problem in someone’s life. These negative thoughts can lead to guilt for many years.

    The current film being shown is an excerpt from the full story. We find out that maybe it wasn’t suicide, and perhaps foul play was involved. This film in its entirety is expected to be 13-14 minutes in length and will be fully produced after the pandemic. I intend to submit the full-length film to film festivals.

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People Say Things Change