Anna Newhouse
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    I am a self- portrait fashion- loving photographer. The look-book Reclaimed contains a collection of images that combines these passions. The photographs used are designed to make second hand clothing fashionable in a high-end style. Instead of buying a denim jacket for $100, you can get one at the thrift store for $10 dollars. In today’s climate change crisis, secondhand shopping should become the new way to shop for new clothes. Textile waste is the one of the largest causes of pollution. My book of fashionable clothes that you can purchase second hand from the thrift store will show how to save money while also helping the environment.

    Aside from this book being about saving the clothes from landfills, it is also about my love of fashion. I created this work as a celebration of my self-expression. Thrifting plays a huge role in my self-exploration, that’s why second- hand fashion is so important to me. While second-hand fashion is better for the environment, it is also about being able to explore different types of styles at a more affordable cost. I use second hand clothes to express my internal feelings more clearly to the world.

    Here the link to full Reclaimed flipbook: Click to View Flipbook

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