Gabriela Martinez
Graphic Design
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    My exhibition features recent events occurring on the island of Puerto Rico. I was born and raised in Vega Baja, a small town located on the north-central coast. Major earthquakes shook the southwestern part of the island during my last visit there. On January 6, 2020, during a major holiday, Three King’s Day, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit. This was my first terrifying experience of a quake. The event knocked out power, left 300,000 people without water, and destroyed dozens of homes and structures. The island has not fully recovered from “Maria,” the category 5 hurricane, that struck in September 2017.

    This creative work includes prints, three medium-size posters, and postcards for sale, to raise money for those affected by the earthquakes. In the process of creation, I have taken into consideration vibrant colors and flashy typefaces that remind me of the beauty, energy, and charisma symbolizing my beloved home.

    Thankfully, my family was not impacted as much as others who lost homes and belongings. Puerto Rico is my first home, a place that formed the person I am today. Living 2,282 miles away–my love for family, friends, and neighbors, compelled me to create work that brings awareness of the recent devastation and assists in raising funds for island recovery.

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