Truman Jones
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    This is a representation of emotion. Capturing the effect the pandemic has on people became the only thing I could focus on. The constant press of bad news, overt intentions of scamming our system, and general apathy has been all-consuming. The person in the middle is ourselves, trapped in a fetal position to represent the exhaustion of this time. The small brass lines surrounding the person are compressed shell casings that have been sliced to expose the random patterns they create. They represent the compression and confusion that we experience, and are indicative of the overt violence that bullet casings inherently own. The background is laminated brass and copper that has been rolled and carved to form a sheet with an exposed grain. These organic shapes represent the invisible assailant that has come to control and shape everything that we do.
Asphyxiate zoom_in
Asphyxiate (Detail) zoom_in