Ted Devoe
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    My work is about communicating the essence of different states of mind through visual allusions of the contemplative self. Through the use of improvised mixed media processes on paper, (the mixing and overlapping of the subjects and abstract forms), the work helps convey moods and emotions associated with certain states of mind. This visual improvisation is similar to jazz music as tensions are built through harmony and dissonance to help guide the viewer through the details, textures, and layers. The final product of this process is sometimes a complex scene; a combination of multiple subjects from disparate references, seamlessly communicating through the kinetic, visual landscape. The work offers a different way to pay attention to the essence of a state of mind; to visually communicate ideas in a language that is familiar, but not always easy to understand.
Nothing Is Bland zoom_in
Woolgathering zoom_in
The Tower and The Prism zoom_in