Kylie Decker
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    Selcouth: Adjective. (comparative more selcouth, superlative most selcouth) Strange, unusual, rare; unfamiliar; marvelous, wondrous.

    Selcouth is a work about body image. This series of diptych images show the contrast between the negative views people can have on their own bodies and the beauty seen by others. The contact sheet format represents the negative affiliations a person could have with their own bodies by creating a deformation of the figure. In addition to this, the markings on the print are reminiscent of those of plastic surgery since in today's society plastic surgery is one of the main avenues for people to change how they look. The second image in the diptych is one single frame from within the contact sheet. This image is printed larger in order to show the beauty others can find in a person's body instead of focusing on the things the owner of the body might find negative. The frame selected is to show the beauty, interesting composition, and shape their body can make.
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