Sam Bray
Digital Cinema
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    Fast Clouds Slow Moon is a satirical look into the stereotypical party the public is shown through music videos. Generally, this is attractive 20 something-year-olds, dancing, red solo cups, and colored flashing lights. In Fast Clouds Slow Moon, the mannequins and cheap sets capture the falseness of the idea of the “dream” party and eventually the dream girl. Throughout the video, the narrator of the story is the only person that can independently move. They spend the video speaking directly to the audience and interacting with the mannequins to tell the story of a boy at a party who sees this girl and decides she’s a “cool girl.” However, despite all of the boy’s best attempts, this girl is just not interested. However, that’s not the usual narrative of the party video. Because of this, he spends the whole video perusing her, thinking she’s just playing hard to get. By the end of the video, the whole scene has changed, the characters are no longer at a party, they’re outside, and alone. The façade is finally lifted. In reality, people are more than just accessories for a video, they have complex feelings, emotions, and motives that never fit into a simple narrative.
Fast Clouds Slow Moon