Cullen Bode
Digital Cinema
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    During my time at NMU, I have focused my work on highlighting commercial products and documenting stories. Utilizing an interview-based format, I aim to display the experiences and involvement of subjects from all backgrounds of life in the outdoors. My intent is to present the unique adventures of individuals while exhibiting the importance and value that our natural resources have on our lives.

    This video is a documentation of the subject’s transition from playing professional hockey to cross-country skiing. The video explores the transformation from a more stereotypically combative and masculine sport to one that emphasizes coordination, precision, and gracefulness. Through his evolution, the individual discovers both the physical and mental benefits that cross-country skiing has in his everyday life. Through an interview-based setting as well as video documentation of his participation in cross-country skiing, the viewer is immersed in the transition between these two contrasting sports and their lasting effects on all aspects of the subject’s daily life. By documenting the subject's journey through his evolving mindset, I aim to follow his story as he discovers the physical and mental health benefits of cross-country skiing as well as the value of nature in our lives.

The Form Of Life