Welcome to the Art & Design Computer Studio support web site. We are currently located in the new Art Building Rooms 75, 73, 67, and 65. You should be able to find answers to most common questions along with many support materials for Art & Design courses. Please review the polices for the studio listed below.

Questions or Complaints, contact Adam Shimun ashimun@nmu.edu

Only students taking courses in Art and Design can use this studio.
Do not use equipment for entertainment: no games or movies.
Use assigned lab whenever possible, labs are assigned by individual classes. The exception is Room 73, which is available for all students and not affected by a class schedule.
Do not bring food or drink into the lab!


Yield the specialized workstations to students in the courses for which the workstations were configured, for example yield video workstations to students whom need to work on video.
Please use the Internet with responsibility and courtesy for your fellow students.
Do not display material on screen from a website which may be offensive to your neighbor.
Use quiet headphones for music, and keep conversation quiet.
If you have a cell phone and must answer it, answer it in the hallway, NOT in the lab.

(many of these rules prevent illegal actions)
Do not move or re-configure any hardware component of any workstation including headphones!
Do not move or re-configure any software on any of the workstations.
Do not install any software applications (i.e. games) to or from any workstation.
Do not copy software applications to or from any workstation to any removable disk or CD.
Do not unplug cables, open a machine or attempt any other machine repair - report any problems.

Storing files on the hard drive is done at your own risk – files may be deleted without notice. Files stored on the hard drive must be stored in the Student Documents folder. Keep a back up of all your work, which means the file exists in two places. The university is not liable for any data lost due to equipment failure or damaged disks. The Art & Design File Servers (artserver3, artserver4) is for temporary storage only - your storage access and management will be handled by your instructor. Be aware of deadlines for removing and backing up your files.


Each student must pay for print-outs (including your own mistakes) following the current card system. Purchase print cards from the Purchasing Co-op Bookkeeper in the Art & Design Office, during bookkeeper hours. Wait for the monitor to hand you your print and punch your card.


The monitor on duty will try to assist with specific questions on software, but may not know about your specific request. Report any problems or concerns to the monitor on duty, and/or to your instructor. If your question is not answered, report any problems or concerns to the studio directors (contact info at top).