160 Project Template

    AD 160: Physical Structures

    Project Template

    Title of Project

    The name of the project

    Methods and Concepts

    Methods/concepts from the AD160 Goals and Objectives document. By including such a section, it is easy to review all the projects from a semester to ensure that all of the required concepts are covered.


    A list of the appropriate vocabularly for the project. The vocabularly list can be used for planning purposes and/or provided to students for review.


    A description of the project and the intent behind the project. What is the project supposed to accomplish?


    A list of materials that will be required for completion of the project. If a material is optional or recommended, list separately. The list can be used to assist in the planning of a share fee or provided to students in advance to allow for ample time in acquiring necessary materials.

    Physical processes

    A description of what must be done to complete the project. This differs from the Description in that the process does not explain why something is being done, merely how it is going to be done.

    Critique approach

    A guideline to how the project will be evaluated. Planning critique in advance allows for some diversity in critique approach. Planning critique also ensures the critique aspect of the AD 160 Goals and Objectives are met.

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