Reveal and Reconfigure - a cube

    AD 160: Physical Structures

    Project Example: Reveal and Reconfigure - a cube

    Title of Project

    Reveal and Reconfigure - a cube

    Methods and Concepts

    Space: 3D, gravity, weight, volume, balance, tension, equilibrium, height/width/depth, mass, elasticity/rigidity, density
    volumetric interpretation


    Form, shape, volume, balance, figure-ground, direction, orientation, proportion


    Construct a volumetric sculpture that is derived from a single cube that has been subdivided by six cuts.


    Sheet foam (or a foam cube), long serrated knife or electric knife (or heat foam cutter), foam compatible glue, sandpaper and/or file, toothpicks. Alternative version could use wood instead of foam with cuts made utilizing band saw.

    Physical processes

    1. Create a 8 inch x 8 inch cube by laminating together several sections of 1" thick foam (or begin with an 8" foam cube).
    2. Make six cuts through the cube to make new pieces. All of the cuts could be made while holding the cube intact or some of the cuts could be made in smaller pieces, but only six cuts may be made.
    3. Reassemble the pieces together to make a new form. Use toothpicks to test shape placement and glue when satisfied with the new form.
    4. (Optional) Finish the surface by sanding or cover the form with plaster/drywall compound, then sand until smooth.

    Critique approach

    Multi-viewed critique - Viewing the piece from multiple sides, which side appears to have the best gravitational balance? Which side appears to have the least gravitational balance (i.e. does it seem like it should fall over)? Is the new form completely different than the starting cube (curvilinear) or does it appear to be derived from a cube (geometric)?

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