Project Example: Stuffed Mass: 7

AD 160: Physical Structures

Project Example: Stuffed Mass

Title of Project

Stuffed Mass

Methods and Concepts

Space: 3D, gravity, weight, balance, expansion/compression, density, tension
volumetric interpretation


Form, volume, mass, balance, figure-ground, gradient, texture, color: hue, saturation, brightness


Construct a soft sculpture from sewn volumes filled with sand, foam, stuffing, etc. The finished project should express an understanding of the required physical forces.


sewing tools and supplies (needle and thread of appropriate scale to sewn materials); fabric, leather, plastic sheeting, mylar, heavy paper, or other material capable of being sewn; stuffing: sand, foam, cotton, stuffing, bread crumbs, foam pellets, ball bearings, marbles

Physical processes

1. Design a form through ten thumbnail sketches. Pay attention to the overall design of the form and begin to predict which materials would be appropriate.
2. Create a model out of plastic garbage bags and tape of the final form to understand where seams, tension, and expansion will occur. Stuff the model with crumpled paper or foam peanuts.
3. Complete the final sculptural form out of the desired materials.

Critique approach

Group critique of project – does the project display a working knowledge of gravity and tension? Is the project constructed in a manner that will remain intact? Does the design have success from all sides or does it have a definitive front and back?

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