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Focal Point - The Focal Point is a specific part or area of a work that gains visual prominance. The focal point is usually used as an attempt to attract the viewer's attention, to create an area that the viewer's eye returns to again and again. Focal points can be created many ways but most commonly the focal point is created through contrasting the focal point with the other visual elements using changes in direction, size, shape, hue, brightness, or texture.

Alternate Terms:
Primary figure
Area of event

Focal Point Focal Point
Emphasis on the face created through areas of higher brightness.
Rembrandt. Self-Portrait. 1665.

Focal Point Focal Point
Emphasis on the girl and subsequently the ball through color, brightness, and texture.
Joseph Cornell.

Focal Point Focal Point
Emphasis on the center through texture, scale, and brightness.
Arnalso Pomodoro. Sphere.

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