Project Example: Balance Found: 2

    AD 160: Physical Structures

    Project Example: Balance Found

    Title of Project

    Balance Found

    Methods and Concepts

    Space: 2D, dynamic/static, balance, tension, torsion, entropy
    planar interpretation


    Gestalt, brightness, figure-ground, size/scale, shape, direction, shadows/shading, balance, contrast, texture, apparent texture


    Create a series of three designs using found objects placed on a copy machine or computer scanner. The emphasis of the design should be on exploring the idea of balance in a 2D interpretation.


    Found objects such as string, leaves, rocks, sticks, rusty bolts, dirt, glass, crumpled paper; access to a copy machine, or computer scanner and printer; large strips of white paper

    Physical processes

    1. Collect a group of objects (at least 5) that you find to be visually interesting in some regard
    2. Create a design by placing the objects on a copy machine and making a copy (or using a computer scanner to scan them, then print the image). Explore the idea of balance in the arrangement of shapes – both the physical balancing of objects on the copy machine and the visual balance of the design.
    3. Using large strips of white paper, crop the image to further emphasize the idea of balance – how can balance be shifted within an image by altering cropping?

    Critique approach

    Lecture critique – prior to critique, the student must choose two images to present. Was the project completed with a level of experimentation? Was the project completed with a level of imagination? Was the concept of balance understood and made manifest in the project? Which of the two interpretations was more successful?

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