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Printmaking Overview

The introductory experience in printmaking covers serigraphy and intaglio, while giving the student experience in the physical aspects of print production.  The semester is divided in half, allowing time for exploration of one of the two areas under review.  Photo manipulations are explored as a viable component of making prints and students are introduced to the production of their own papers in the printmaking studio.  In today’s world of print images, the student is made aware of the significance of an “original” print, and the effort involved in its production.

At the two hundred level, students are asked to explore one process in a more “in depth” manner and may choose from either intaglio or serigraphy.  A typical student will produce an average of six to eight different images and editions each semester.

The upper level offerings focus on image development and encourage a personal approach to image construction.  The final semester culminates in the senior exhibit, where seniors showcase their work in the DeVos Art Museum.