Everyday Sublime:
Selections from the Permanent Art Collection

August 24, 2018 - Ongoing

Featuring work from all areas of the museum’s permanent art collection, this exhibition considers how art intersects with the everyday. Learning and Participating considers the acts of collecting and documenting through photography by George Shiras III, paintings by the Marquette “Sunday Painters”, and birch bark bitings by Angelique Merasty. Near and Far looks at the way travel can shift our view of the world, featuring Japanese woodblock prints, paintings by Nita Engle and photographs and ephemera from the J.M. Longyear family. Fantasy & Play shows examples of how visual art can be a tool for transcending the ordinary with paper sculpture by John Hubbard, paintings by Amy E. Mayfield , N. Cecilia Kettunen and Vida Lautner, and toys from Native American artists.

N. Cecilia Kettunen, Cold Morning in Mass City, MI, 1942, oil on canvas. Gift of the artist.