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Human Centered Design Overview

The Human Centered Design program is intended to develop and refine fundamentals of the design process while integrating concerns of contemporary culture such as ethics and sustainability. Students will be introduced to a variety of methods of visualization and realization through the exploration materials, process and 3D modeling in conjunction with research of their personal interests of design. The program will encourage students to observe, critique and re-evaluate social norms and behaviors to develop new modes of living through the fusion of craft and technology, 

Human Centered Design merges two programs formerly known as Environmental Design and Product Design. This combination of two disciplines will promote students to apply learned techniques and process resulting in experimental solutions to the needs of our contemporary society. Through the duration of the program, students will become well versed in materials, production process and perception that they would not be exposed to in a segregated discipline. The designers are strongly advised to focus on realizing and communicating their concepts on specific aspects of the environment in relation to domesticity, fashion, branding, personal identity and social culture.