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Overview of the School

The School of Art and Design is part of the College of Arts and Sciences.
An important school objective is to prepare students to participate in the professional fields of art, design, and education, broadening the scope of their experience by providing intellectual support for art beyond the limits of studio skills. The school, through the DeVos Art Museum, also provides students with exposure to exhibitions exemplifying the cultural breadth of the visual arts from national, regional and local sources, including the University's permanent art collection.

The School of Art and Design prepares students for the many occupations that include artists, designers and educators. Graduates of the program are employed throughout the country in careers ranging from art directors, art teachers, to entrepreneurs of large and small enterprises. The school prepares students for professional career opportunities in areas such as electronic imaging, digital cinema, graphic communication, photography, ceramics, and illustration.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (or BFA) is the "de-facto" professional undergraduate degree in the visual arts. Our BFA program combines the advantages of a professional art school experience with the University's concern for intellectual support of professional action. It prepares students to participate more broadly in the arts beyond the limits of studio skills.

In addition to the baccalaureate degree, the school offers the required courses for art teacher certification, a two year associate degree, teaching and non-teaching minor programs.

Additional Information

Marquette is situated on the northern shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Adjacent to Lake Superior, the northern climate and landscape are distinct and robust. Marquette is approximately 350 miles north of Chicago. With a population of approximately 25,000, Marquette, to most students, provides the atmosphere of a small town.

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