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Woodworking Overview

The School of Art and Design offers four-year B.S., B.A. and B.F.A. degrees in Woodworking. Major emphasis allows the student to work toward acquiring control of the physical and visual constructs of a given concept such that the desired content is communicated. Ideations are developed through drawings and/or models, and then progress to full-size working pieces. If one is interested in production work, the necessary jigs, fixtures, etc., are also designed and built. Woodworking and furniture design majors usually concentrate on woodworking process, although students are encouraged to become familiar with the adjacent foundry and smithing facilities. The product design major requires a broad background of classes including Sculpture, Ceramics, Metals, and Woodworking.

Physical information concerning media and tools is presented in such a way that the student is encouraged to solve a particular problem in a creative, inventive manner as opposed to being limited by a finite group of accepted techniques.

The beginning classes for woodworking and furniture design majors are AD 124 Woodworking: Joinery and Greenwood (fall semester), and AD 224 Woodworking: Turning and Bending (winter semester). Product design majors may start with a number of 100 level studio courses. Advance placement is possible depending on past experience.