March Downtown for Art

March 1 – March 31: Art in the Downtown District

Students are responsible for approaching businesses and coming an agreement with the participating business owner. Then signing the "Artist & Business Agreement". and return it to The Marquette Downtown Development Authority. c/o Emily Lanctot.

Copies of the forms are also avalible at the Art & Design office. Just politely ask one of the secreataries for a March Downtown for Art form.

Select art work to display that reflects our community! Start a conversation about your business, about art, and our culture and tell visitors what makes Marquette’s Downtown District unique! Connect with students, showcase their talent, and learn about the skills they have to offer the community.


We recognize the importance of arts and culture in our community and to support this we would like to provide Northern Michigan University student artists the opportunity to share their work and creativity in a month long exhibition in local businesses in the downtown district. The School of Art and Design has nearly 800 students enrolled with concentrations in Graphic Design, Photography, Human Centered Design, Sculpture, Furniture Design, Woodworking, Jewelry, Metals, Blacksmithing, Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Illustration, Electronic Imaging, Digital Cinema, Art Education and Ceramics. March Downtown for Art provides important professional development opportunities for both student artists and downtown business owners.


Registration forms for participating businesses are due on Tuesday, January 15. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Businesses must display art work from March 1-March 31.

Participating businesses must have space to display the work.

Artists will be provided with a copy of interested businesses on or before January 21. Artists will approach participating businesses regarding possible opportunities to display their work. Artists will supply a sample portfolio, images of their work and a resume to businesses at time of inquiry.

Once the artist has secured a place to exhibit their work, the artist/business agreement must be signed and returned to the DDA as soon as possible.

Prior to installment Artists & Businesses should meet to discuss how the work will be installed and coordinate times for installation and de-installation.

The business contact must be present at the time of installation.

Artists should be selected by Wednesday, February 13.

Artist & Business agreement must be signed by artist and business contact person and returned to the Marquette DDA by Friday, February 15.

Business Contact Information for Participating Businesses

Art of Framing

Contact: Stacy
Phone: (906) 228-7769
Address: 148 W. Washington St.
Babycakes Muffin Company

Contact: Kim Danielson
Phone: (906) 226-7744
Address: 223 W. Washington St.
Barton, Negri & Associates (Ameriprise)
Contact: Diane Ziegner
Phone: (906) 226-7526
Address: 112 W. Spring St.
Beth Millner Jewelry

Contact: Beth Millner
Phone: (906) 226-3540
Address: 521 W. Washington St.
Che Bello

Contact: Yubi Ghiardi
Phone: (906) 273-1362
Address: 145 W. Washington St.
Country Charm

Contact: Sharon
Phone: (906) 228-6920
Address: 110 W. Washington St.

Contact: Jen Ray
Phone: (906) 250-3311
Address: 137 W. Washington St.
Downtown EyeCare

Contact: Jenny Webb
Phone: (906) 226-2020
Address: 131 W. Washington St.
Everyday Wines

Contact: Daniel Rutz
Phone: (906) 225-5470
Address: 129 W. Baraga Ave.
Farmer Q's Market

Contact: Susan Brian
Phone: (906) 228-2004
Address: 219 W. Washington St.
Flower Works

Contact: Andrea Forsberg
Phone: (906) 273-1335
Address: 1007 N. Third St.
Garden Bouquet & Design

Contact: Kim Smith
Phone: (906) 225-5020
Address: 130 W. Baraga Ave.
Marquette Regional History Center

Contact: Kaye Hiebel
Phone: (906) 226-3571
Address: 145 W. Spring St.
Marquette Wallpaper & Paint

Contact: Mark Hamari
Phone: (906) 228-8376
Address: 115 S. Third St.
Marquette Yoga Center

Contact: Mary Connor
Phone: (906) 250-2323
Address: 130 W. Washington St.,
Ste. U3
Ore Dock Brewing Company

Contact: Anjila Holland
Phone: (906) 250-6622
Address: 112 W. Spring St.

Contact: Martha Parks
Phone: (906) 362-6435
Address: 125 W. Washington St.
Party in Disguise

Contact: Mary or Sandy
Phone: (906) 226-6161
Address: 313 W. Washington St.
ReBlossom Consignment Boutique

Contact: Sharon Rule
Phone: (906) 228-9820
Address: 333 W. Washington St.
The Nature Conservancy

Contact: Danielle Miller
Phone: (906) 225-0399
Address: 101 S. Front St., Ste. 105
Upper Peninsula
Children's Museum

Contact: Amber Johnston
Phone: (906) 226-3911
Address: 123 W. Baraga Ave.
The Vierling

Contact: Katie Divine
Phone: (906) 360-6072
Address: 119 S. Front St.


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